Sterling Archer’s Hero, Burt Reynolds, To Appear In Season 3

Monday, October 31 by
Even in animated form, Reynolds absolutely OWNS the blazer/turtleneck look.  

Burt Reynolds will be rearing his toupee’d head from semi-retirement to appear in an episode of Archer in the animated show’s upcoming third season. Burt Reynolds will play himself in the episode entitled “The Man from Jupiter.” (Burt Reynolds hails from Jupiter, Florida, you see.)

For those not familiar with the show, Sterling Archer, the show’s protagonist, is completely obsessed with Burt Reynolds, aping him in terms of ego and “cool”ness. On the show, Reynolds will be courting Archer’s mother, Mallory. The press release doesn’t divulge a whole lot more than that, but perhaps you could anticipate some conflict and humorous exchanges?

Archer’s third season will kick off in January on FX, allowing those unfamiliar plenty of time to bask in the rapid-fire snark of the first two season. I wouldn’t recommend going in cold, newbies. It’s just too much to handle.

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