Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’ Coming To Theaters, Unless It Gets The Superflu

Monday, January 31 by

Executives at Warner Bros. and CBS Films have been beckoned by Mother Abagail to make a movie version of The Stand. There was an ABC miniseries version in 1994 (pfft… miniseries), but Stephen King‘s story has never infected the big screen until now.

The original book is 823 pages long, and the Uncut version is 4,586,934 pages long. After 20 years, movie executives have finished reading the Uncut version and are deciding whether to make it one big movie or a Lord Of The Rings-esque series of films. Fun fact: did you know Stephen King was influenced by LOTR when writing The Stand? Another fun fact: it will be interesting to see how they film the thing where the guy gets raped with the butt of a gun.

Currently, no director or writers are attached. (Hollywood Reporter)

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