Sam Clafin, one of the stars of the upcoming Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, has won the tween dreamboat sweepstakes and secured the coveted male lead in the kid-lit adaptation The Seventh Son. The films has gone through several changes, both title and casting included, but this appears to be the the final iteration. The film, at one point called The Last Apprentice, after the popular series of novels it's based on, was always set to star Jeff Bridges as a Witch Hunter, and at one point Alex Pettyfer, star of the flops I Am Number Four and Beastly, was set to play the titular apprentice. Jennifer Lawrence, among other actresses, was in talks to play the female lead, but now that role has gone to newcomer Alicia Vicander.

Warne Brothers and Legendary Pictures are producing, and acclaimed Russian director Sergei Bodrov (Mongol) will handle behind the camera duties. Congratulations to Clafin and Vicander, and to all the young hopefuls looking to score a little Pattinson/Stewart cache, thanks for playing Who Wants To Be A Tween Idol! (The Playlist)