Manchester-based photographer Nick Drummond has snuck behind enemy lines to uncover the secret life of the AT-AT Walker from Star Wars - and it seems like we might have been giving them a bad wrap.  I guess years of breeding have brought them down to a more manageable size, but I still wouldn't trust them around your Empire Strikes Back Rebel Alliance action figures.  They're still bound to get trounced like a mouse under a cat's claw. 

In his interview with the Star Wars blog, Drummond said:

"I took a few photos before I handed everything on [to my nephew, as a gift] and noticed that the AT-AT was very photogenic. As it was getting on for Christmas I took a few more shots hoping to make one into a puzzle for a present. I was much happier with the results than I expected and the ideas just haven’t stopped yet. Turns out my nephew already has an AT-AT, so I get to keep ATilla."

I'll bet Drummond's nephew never ever saw ATilla.  Check out a handful of Uncle Nick's handiwork after the jump.

And be sure to visit Mr. Drummond's Flickr page to see the rest of these oddly adorable photos.