It wouldn't be a day unless the sun rose and set and there was at least one The Hunger Games casting item to report. Today's news actually features someone you've heard of. The earlier rumors have been confirmed: Stanley Tucci is now on board to play Caesar Flickerman, the TV host of The Hunger Games.

Tucci's role will be a pivotal one, as he interviews all 24 of the tributes from all 12 districts (I speak of this like I know what the hell it means). Since he's playing a TV personality, there is a good chance that we will be getting "sleazy Tucci," rather than "overburdened cerebral Tucci," which is good, because "sleazy Tucci" is way more fun.

Until tomorrow, when I am certain we will be reporting casting news about a tribute or a trident or a newbie or some weird thing from this movie.  (Deadline)