It's bad enough that the humans in Jack the Giant Killer have to deal with hostile giants. Now it appears they'll have Stanley Tucci on their hands as well. In the Bryan Singer-directed film, a princess is kidnapped, forcing a farmer to lead a rescue mission into a kingdom of hostile giants. The press release doesn't say if the film is based on a true story, so we'll just be left wondering, I guess.

While a group sneaks into a kingdom of super-scary giants, it turns out that Tucci's character, an adviser to the human king, has designs on sabotaging the king and taking over the throne himself. Zounds!

The real Stanley Tucci would never do anything like that. Probably just because he's too damn busy. With roles in both Margin Call and Captain America coming up, Tucci could hardly find the time to advise a king, let alone usurp a throne.

Tucci joins a cast featuring Bill Nighy and John Kassir who will play two heads of the leader of the giants, Fallon. Ok. Now I'm almost positive this isn't based on a true story. The protagonist, the aforementioned farmer, hasn't yet been cast, but sources say that Nicholas Hoult, the boy from About a Boy, is a frontrunner. Maybe he'll teach Stanley Tucci's character something about not putting yourself first all the time. Or kill him. Whatever. (THR)