Sylvester Stallone is all business. Less that 24 hours after axing Wayne Kramer from Headshot, he has already held a meeting with Walter Hill, who is an action director from a bygone, but fondly-remembered era. His work includes 48 Hours and the cult classic The Warriors. The premise of Headshot sounds pretty rote (A young NYC cop teams up with an older New Orleans hitman (Sly)), so any departure from the norm sounds appealing for this project.

In light of this rapid-fire meeting, it would seem that Sly & Co. are serious about sticking to their production schedule, which would have shooting begin in the next two months.

Let's hope that the producers of Headshot take a few lessons from last year's failed Cop Out, and realize that it takes more than just an odd couple to entertain us today. That shit may have gone over in the 80's, but we're a more sophisticated audience today.

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