So, after originally reporting that thespian-rapper Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson would be playing the role of Hale Caesar in Stallone's upcoming star-studded The Expendables, Ain't It Cool News now reports that former San Diego Chargers linebacker and funnyman Terry Crews will be taking on the role. 

I like this choice, and not just because I know that Terry's unafraid to commit himself to a project, as he's proved by posing nude on a fur rug with only an NBA-endorsed basketball covering his unmentionables.  I also like it because Terry's performance as the President of the United States of America ("President Camacho") in Mike Judge's Idiocracy was the stuff of beauty.  Imagine President Obama channeling Camacho's words:


Camacho was intense.  He was trigger-happy.  He just wanted to please the crowds. 

Let's hope that Crews can channel a little Camacho for The Expendables.