It's time to swallow the Mystery-flavored Airhead you've been halfheartedly chewing and take a pull from your inhaler. That's right. The internet has broke another rumor from the set of The Dark Knight Rises.

Don't read any further if you're sensitive about Batman-related news.

Okay. Still there? Reports via HitFix are that a star from an earlier film in Nolan's series was seen filming a part on set in London. And his her name is..... not Aaron Eckhart. Liam Neeson was recently spotted on the set filming a scene as Ra's al Ghul (aka Batman's least interesting enemy). Of course, that's got comment sections and message boards blowing up. Is it a flashback? A Lazarus Pit-induced resurrection? Liam Neeson fulfilling his need to be in an ass-load of movies??????

I'm leaning toward flashback. Up until this point, Nolan's Batman series have taken a more realistic approach and have avoided dealing with the supernatural or magic. Except for Morgan Freeman's winning smile. There's always magic in that.