Josh Brolin Tops Wishlist For Spike Lee’s ‘Oldboy’

Wednesday, July 13 by

When Spike Lee was brought on to remake Oldboy, nobody was really sure which way he wanted to take it. Would the tale now be Brooklyn-based? Which actor would he choose to kill people in impressively gruesome manners? Would he cast white, black, or Asian?? The early buzz now is that Mandate wants Josh Brolin (Jonah Hex, Hollow Man) for the lead role of a man on a vengeance mission after mysteriously being held captive for fifteen years in a hotel room.

There’s also word that screenwriter Mark Protosevich is drawing upon both the original Korean film and the Japanese manga book for the retelling. So don’t expect a straight-up remake. It’s still early days and Brolin is simply on the studio’s wishlist for right now. No words on Spike’s feeling about that. Idris Elba could still be in this thing! (Twitch)

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