I'm all for crowdsourcing, but it's seeming with the likes of Zach Braff, Rob Thomas, and a billion other celebs, that it's a much more palatable proposition when you're helping people who don't have the means to help themselves, and not simply giving a rich guy a reason not to dig into his pockets.

However, a resonant project can change that outlook, and I'm sure Spike Lee is hoping that's the case with his untitled project. But it might be a little tough to play at the emotions of the masses with the vague description of the premise as, "the addiction of blood…a lot of sex in it too!"

Also, Spike's most high-profile projects recently have been work-for-hire, rather than his own stories, so giving Lee the keys to the castle seeing his DIY track record as of late might not be at the top of anyone's list.