Spike Lee's next joint is going to be bloody. The Do The Right Thing director and Knicks super-fan has signed on to direct a remake of Chan-wook Park's Oldboy. Now that I've pissed off everyone in your Asian film studies class, we'll get on to the details.

The story is centered around a man on a quest for revenge after being released from a mysterious fifteen-year imprisonment. Steven Spielberg and Will Smith wanted to get jiggy wit da remake a few years ago but that deal went South. After a rewrite by I Am Legend's Mark Protosevitch, Spielberg showed renewed interest, as did Matthew Vaughn and Danny Boyle. But in the end, it was decided that Oldboy needed to have over-saturated lighting and intricate dolly shots. And thus, Spike Lee came into the picture.

It's early days at this point, so we'll keep you posted when Idris Elba or Bradley Cooper agree to start killing guys with a hammer. (Variety)