It's been reported in the past that director Spike Lee was working on a full-length drama (or, "joint") entitled Brooklyn Loves MJ. Well now, according to The Playlist, the movie is "not happening." The movie was set to "“examine the potential community impact of a tribute concert and neighborhood celebration in Michael Jackson‘s memory, as this fictional event might occur in a re-gentrified area of Brooklyn, New York," and it was rumored to have Samuel L. Jackson, John Turturro, Julianne Moore, and Rosie Perez among its cast.The project made sense since Spike Lee's love of Michael Jackson is a matter of record.

I'm not the biggest Spike Lee fan in the world, but I respect him as a filmmaker and I think it's a shame that a movie with that cast and him behind the camera is getting shelved. The article also says that Lee was visibly upset when he answered a question about the movie to the effect that it wasn't going to happen, which is also a shame. I can't stand to see Spike Lee upset! It's not all bad for Spike though, since his next movie Nagaski Deadline is set to begin shooting soon.