In another bit of casting news for the Quixotic attempt to update Spider-Man into a form that today's young people can hope to understand, 80s teen idol and probable"24"-actor C. Thomas Howell joined Andrew Garfield and company in Marc Webb's Spider-Man. It isn't precisely known the nature of his role, other than the character's first name, "Ray." A quick Wikipedia search tells me that other than the father of Peter Parker's current comics girlfriend (who won't be his girlfriend in the movie), there aren't many important characters in the comic book world of Spider-Man with that particular name (I am NOT a nerd!), so it's probably safe to assume that this is a character created just for the movie version. Since Spider-Man is largely about teenagers, it's also safe to assume that C. Thomas Howell will be playing a character's father or uncle or something - we'll keep our eyes peeled for announcements regarding the casting of any characters named "Ray, Jr." (ScreenRant)