Though the film doesn't come out until 11 months later, the cast and crew of The Amazing Spider-Man decided they might be able to spread awareness to as many as four extra people if they all made an appearance at the San Diego Comic-Con this summer.

While Comic-Con started as a niche convention for comic book enthusiasts, it's exploded into a mecca for things both geek-y and blockbuster-y. The fact that the Spidey set is making the trip down there isn't that surprising. Though it's a ways out from the release of the film, next year's Comic-Con comes a few weeks late, and it's not like the crew could just SKIP Comic-Con. That would be comic-book movie marketing suicide. So this year it is.

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The gang will sit on a panel and discuss production of the movie and the source material, while artfully dodging myriad questions about plot points. They will also be contractually bound by Marvel to start 25% of their sentences with "It was such a pleasure working with ____." Ahh, Hollywood.