[post-album postid="218333" item="7"]Lorenzo di Bonaventura has found his niche. The producer of the Transformers, GI Joe, and Asteroids films is moving forward with plans to big-screenitize the classic video game Space Invaders as well. The game doesn't have a narrative so to speak. It's more about aliens arriving in rows and destroying the Earth. So, we can only assume the film to follow a similar set-up where Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson wakes up on the morning he's ready to enter the private sector only to discover that rows upon rows of choreographed aliens are shooting pellets at the Earth. And the Rock really won't stand for that nonsense.

This shouldn't be confused with Will Arnett's Space Invader comedy that is also in the works. But it can be confused with the Space Invaders movie that is already in the works. What happened there? Please don't tell me that there are now rival Space Invaders films in the works because that would mean we've DEFINITELY run out of ideas. (THR)