[post-album postid="208737" item="1"]The movie Source Code was all about finding humanity and purpose in the face of dehumanizing technology - and so it will be for the DVDs and Blu-rays of the movie, who will have to live on despite Source Code getting released two weeks earlier on Video On Demand. Here's the President of Summit Home Entertainment Steve Nickerson on the announcement:
“As the way a consumer’s consumption of feature films evolves, we are always looking for new ways that meet these demands. While we are optimistic about the consumer appetite for this type of home entertainment release pattern, we are only conducting a test in this case and not making an overall policy shift at this time. Once the results are in we will analyze the data and see what the consumer has to say.”

So, if you want to keep getting your grubby mitts on DVDs, better wait until the DVDs come out on July 26 to see Source Code, or they might stop making DVDs altogether. Which would be a shame, since they make such terrifically shiny Frisbees (just kidding DVD, I love you). The VOD release is on July 8, in case you're an enemy of DVD.