Judging by what's on the market today, teens are all "LOL" and "OMFG" about dystopian literature. Stephanies Meyer's first post-Twilight work, The Host, which became a de facto trendsetter, focuses on human beings that are occupied by alien minds and souls.

Not to be outdone, Lauren Oliver said to the world, "They want dystopian? I'll give 'em dystopian!" And with that idle threat to no one in particular, she penned Delirium, a young adult novel about a world in which love is perceived as a disease and "cured." Well, with dystopian stories all the rage, it was only a matter of minutes that FOX 2000 decided that they not only wanted Oliver's story for adaptation, but first-look rights at all of her work under the Paper Lantern banner.

This marks the infancy of the trend. In the near future, we will see disenfranchised teens milling about Blade Runner-like cities on the CW, talking about how much better life was before the Great Robot Overthrow of 2291, while casually smoking government-mandated sedative cigarettes.

Before that, though, we will see, from FOX 2000 and Oliver, Before I Fall, the story of a girl who keeps reliving her last day on earth.

Tell the emo kids this is how it's done. (Deadline)