Sorry, Keith David. The Rock Is Roadblock In ‘G.I. Joe 2′

Monday, June 6 by

6 photosElsa Pataky

After a hugely successful turn in Fast Five, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is in talks to join another sequel. Though he could be using his talents to play a biologist on the verge of a groundbreaking discovery or concert pianist, he’s chosen to take the role of Muscle-y Guy in G.I. Joe 2.

Reports are that he’ll play Roadblock — the Army chef turned infantryman who carries around an M2 Browning machine gun. The story is developing but it’s also looking likely that Channing Tatum will return for the Jon Chu-directed sequel. With JJ Abrams needing extra time to make Star Trek 2 enjoyable, Paramount needs to release G.I. Joe 2 next summer so expect more soon. But, seriously, time’s ticking. You really don’t want to hurry such rich characters and plot-lines that center around secret bases hidden inside volcanoes. (Deadline)

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