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You may remember Jamie Chung as Jamie Chung on Real World San Diego.  She did a stellar job portraying her sexy self in the midst of angsty early-twenties adversity, homoerotic tempations, and sooooooo much booze.  This Friday she stars in Sorority Row as Claire, a.k.a The Flirt.  All we’re saying is there’s supposedly a topless hot tub scene.  That’s all we’re sayin’.  Oh, and “awesome.”  Now that’s all we’re sayin’.

A word from Jamie: “It’s a very strong, young, female role.  And her name is Chi-Chi.”

Jamie, you’re playing the chihuahua that constantly licked my face when I was but a young lad only knee-high to a tadpole?!  Can I play me?!  Wait, why not?  But you played you on “The Real World!”  Life’s not fair…

But these pics of you after the jump certainly are fair!

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