Briana Evigan first strutted her stuff up on screen as Andie in Step Up 2 (the number, not the word): The Streets.  This Friday she stars in Sorority Row, but something tells us her character Cassidy ain't gonna sport half da fly pops and ticks of Andie.  Can Cassidy tut while wielding an ax?  Can she do flares while running for her life?  What? That's an impossibility considering your feet need to be up in the air?  Don't backtalk me!  I choreographed the Cats revival in the alley behind my studio apartment.

A word from Briana: "It's a West Coast thang."

It certainly is, Briana.  Just like In 'n Out burgers and the proliferation of hackneyed dreams.  You can't see me, but I'm flashing you a Westside sign right now using my fingers in the shape of a W.

I'll take the pics of you after the jump as a sign of mutual respect.