We're kicking off Sorority Row week with Audrina Patridge, who plays Megan in the slasher film hitting theatres this Friday.  You may or may not know Audrina from the MTV sensation The Hills, or the tabloid magazines at the front of your local grocery's checkout lane.  Sorority Row is Audrina's first major film, if you don't count Into The Blue 2: The Reef, which was direct to video.  She's definitely no Jessica Alba, but there's no denying that Audrina can wear a bikini like nobody's business.  And if you scour the interweb, you can find evidence that she also doesn't wear a bikini like nobody's business.

A word from Audrina: "Go big or go home."

We're packing our bags right now...  It was very nice meeting you.  You seem like a lovely lady.  Thanks for the lively conversation and the pics after the jump.