Aaron Sorkin figures that if he created a film about a website, he can't in good conscience deny a famed hotel that same treatment. The Social Network scribe will be scripting a mini-series based on the history and present of Chateau Marmont, the fabled Hollywood hotel that has long served as the epicenter of Hollywood comings and goings.

However, Sorkin was not the one spearheading this project, but rather"The Office"s John Krasinski, who hatched the idea while waiting in the notoriously long valet line at the hotel. Krasinski approached Sorkin, who at the time was busy with his little Facebook movie, but was eager to undertake it afterwards. How he is finding time for it while developing his HBO newsroom series "More As This Story Develops" is anyone's guess. My theory is that he has Home Depot day laborers ghostwrite most of his scripts.

The series is expected to clock in at around eight hours, which can easily be covered with Marmont's sordid history, which includes everything from Red Hot Chili Pepper recordings to John Belushi's 1982 death, to serving as the backdrop for Sofia Coppola's latest film.

Krasinski will also appear in the project in some capacity, but no details have been given about whether historical figures will be played or fictionalized. I hope it's the former, if only so we aren't given a glimpse of the life and times of Keith Hedger. (Deadline)