Sony recently announced that they were pushing back the next installment of Spider-Man because it's not doing as well as other Marvel films (my guess), so some bandwidth in the studio will allow for a new film. Of course, this too will be a superhero film, because those are the only films that exist any more.

As the headline so tactfully conveys, there are no further details, other than it will be released in 2017, and it will feature a woman superhero, perhaps in response to the clamor that there are no female superhero movies. Ok. Fine. It will be a superhero from the Spider-Man universe, of which most people know very little. But they'll be educated. Oh, how they'll be educated!

Spider-Man's answer to The Avengers, Sinister Six, will arrive in theaters in 2016, and will no doubt give us much of the backstory we don't really need when plopping in front of a superhero film.