Sony Wants Kathryn Bigelow To Shoot Osama Bin Laden

Tuesday, May 24 by

The Hurt Locker director Kathryn Bigelow had a project in development about hunting down Osama bin Laden, which wasn’t going anywhere fast, until something happened. Of course, you know what I’m talking about: Donald Trump asked President Obama for his birth certificate. Or rather, the thing that happened after that. The bin Laden thing.

Now Columbia Pictures has grabbed the US distribution rights for the film, to be written by The Hurt Locker‘s Mark Boal. It’s a regular Hurt Lockereunion. Sony Pictures Co-Chair Amy Pascal said the following about the sale:

“With the death of Osama bin Laden, this film could not be more relevant.”

Wait a minute… Osama bin Laden is dead? You don’t say. I guess that probably explains other competing Osama-killing movies in the works from George Clooney and Oliver Stone. (TheWrap)

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