Days after the death of Ghostbusters star and co-writer Harold Ramis, Sony is here to remind everyone that just because a star of the franchise died, and another one swore he won't be involved, and no one thinks it's going to be any good, they're not abandoning Ghostbusters III.

To be fair, the original Ghostbusters were just going to make cameos, so it's not as drastic a development as one might think, and one Sony exec said as much. While it might sound like a callous statement, it's not like they sent out a press release. An exec was asked a question by The Hollywood Reporter, and he answered it.

The fact that the movie is a terrible idea is completely separate.

The script has reportedly been different iterations of "terrible" since it started getting some momentum over a decade ago. The script is still in no position to accommodate a 2014 shooting schedule, so we can take solace in knowing that this thing won't be in theaters for a while, if ever.