Spider-Man 4 is deader than dead. Sam Raimi & Tobey Maguire and Sony have decided to part ways on the project after being unable to agree that John Malkovich would look totally awesome in a vulture costume, among other creative differences. Sony has decided to reboot the franchise completely, working from a script by Jamie Vanderbilt that places Peter Parker back in high school where he'll have to deal with sexual and arachnid hormones simultaneously. You can read the full Sony press release at Deadline Hollywood, but allow me to sum it up for you: "Ass-kissing, ass-kissing, ass-kissing. We're sorry this couldn't work. We wish only the best. Everyone is fantastic. (F*ck everyone). Ass-kissing, ass-kissing."

The Spider-Man reboot is expected to hit theaters in Summer 2012.

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