Morgan Spurlock is set to open our eyes yet again after getting his newest film, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, picked up for distribution by Sony Studios. Spurlock gets a little meta with Greatest Movie, as it's a documentary on product placement, marketing and advertising that's 100% funded through its use of product placement, marketing, and advertising. Consider our minds blown.

Spurlock will take audiences into the boardrooms where the advertising decisions are made that ultimately decide what you end up watching on your TV and in the theaters. Essentially, it's "watch Morgan Spurlock sell out as hard as he can so we can see how everyone sells out." Which, admittedly, sounds pretty interesting. Add to that Spurlock's charm as a host, and Sony is probably looking at a film that can demonstrate a pretty solid return, especially if it was all financed as they said it was.

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold premieres at Sundance this weekend, so expect feedback in short order, but something told us Sony has already seen the film if they picked it up for distribution. Movie studios are thorough that way. (Coming Soon)