Who can say "no" to a sexy, chiseled Peter Pan? Lord knows I can't. I'm pretty sure Wendy can't. And Sony just proved they are putty in his hands as well. Sony has purchased the project that had reportedly been named Peter Pan Begins. Thankfully, that title was wrong. It's just called Pan, which sounds more like a Pixar movie about a goat, but it's still better than Peter Pan Begins.

Sony is paying $1mm for the project, which doesn't seem like much until one remembers that the source material is in the public domain, and consequently is free. The million bucks is best imagined as a cost of about $125,000 per each of Channing Tatum's abs. Which I still think is a bargain. I mean, have you seen them? I would pay twice that if I was still an executive at DreamWorks.

When the story about the project broke last week, it was known that the film wouldn't remain unsold for long because of the familiarity of the material. It's nice to know that even Hollywood's predictability is predictable. It's like a warm, lazy blanket during a storm.

Filming will begin just as soon as Tatum knocks out like 300 more jackknife sit-ups.(/Film)