Some feathers were bound to be ruffled when North Korea caught wind of the premise of The Interview, a film in which characters played by Seth Rogen and James Franco attempt to assassinate the president of North Korea, Kim Jung-Un.

North Korea's really sensitive about that kind of thing.

After they promised "merciless retaliation" if the film gets released (Oh, we're so scared, North Korea), Sony is hurrying to make some CGI changes prior to the film's pushed-back December 25th release date. The scope of those changes is perhaps the funniest aspect of this whole story. They're altering some military badges and buttons on North Korean soldiers that pay respect to the fallen Kim Jung-Il, because they feel that those might be in poor taste in a film about KILLING HIS SON.

The funny thing is, that seems to be weird enough that that would be exactly the thing that pisses North Korea off. Similarly, the studio is "considering" changing a scene in which Lil' Kim's face melts off in slow motion.

Yeah, that might be something you want to look into in order to avoid that merciless retaliation they've been touting.