Barry Sonnenfeld has decided to settle that bet you have with your friends about who would win in a fight, fictitious dinosaurs or fictitious aliens, with Dominion: Dinosaurs vs. Aliens. Having scored his biggest paydays thus far with MIB and MIB II, Sonnenfeld has apparently embraced the familiar Hollywood "more is more" ethos by tossing some dinosaurs into the mix.

Not content with only adhering to one Hollywood convention, he also took a page out of Joseph Kosinsky's Horizons playbook, basing his film on a graphic novel that has yet to be written. The graphic novel will be penned by Grant Morrison, whose resume also includes Batman and The Invisibles.

Because the plot will be so important, let's give it a rundown. An alien invasion happens during the time of dinosaurs, and a world war is waged. Wow. They really haven't written this story yet.

Dominion will follow MIB III, but probably not immediately, as the graphic novel isn't due out until year's end so I wouldn't expect production on this guy to kick off until mid-late 2012.

Who wins in a battle of dinosaurs and aliens? The smart money is on the the theatergoer! (I feel dirty.) (Deadline)