Someone Determined That Rocky Ran 30 Miles During The Montage In ‘Rocky II’

Thursday, September 19 by
Maybe a treadmill next time? 

Rocky was never one to let logic or common sense get in the way of inspirational, elbow-greasy hard work. When the communists were using bleeding-edge technology and steroids, Rocky would have rather punched beef, chopped wood, and I don’t know, thrown boulders at Priuses or something.

So it should come as little surprise that when he went for that run with 90% of Philly in the second installment, he didn’t take a direct or efficient route at all. In fact, he went so out of order and sequence in his jaunt that he would have covered 30 miles in Philadelphia, which is sort of like when your relatives come in town and do those painful tours that take you all over hell’s half acre.

The best takeaway here is that his inspiration caused one of America’s fattest cities to get off their asses and take a stroll.

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