David Fincher's upcoming The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is supposed to be coming out in December, but it's supposed to be shooting all the way up into April or even May. So it's not that unusual for parts remaining to be cast even at this late date -- today's example is Yorick van Wageningen, who may or may not be a massive movie star in his native country.

Van Wageningen will be playing the part of "Nils Bjurman, the court appointed guardian over Lisbeth Salander (Rooney Mara) when Holger Palmgren suffers a heart attack." And since this is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, it's a safe bet to assume he'll be involved in a rape somehow.

On a personal note, I think Fincher's take on this material will surpass the original Swedish trilogy of movies, especially with the news that Fincher is re-teaming with Trent Reznor to do the score as in The Social Network. Plus the Swedish versions aren't even all that great anyway (this should help me meet my snark quota). (The Playlist)