Who wants to commit earth crimes anymore? That's so boring. Cool criminals are robbing space stuff, where the real money's at. Yesterday there was talk about director Doug Limon's sci-fi heist story - about a group of engineers attempting to steal crazy moon energy - finally getting off the ground. Now it might be director Will Gluck's (Easy A) turn to swipe his piece of the big cheese rock in the sky for Sony Pictures.

Gluck is in talks to adapt the forthcoming book Sex on the Moon by author Ben Mezrich (The Social Network). It's a story everyone can relate to: Boy meets Girl, Boy gets NASA Internship, Boy attempts to steal a piece of the moon Johnson Space Center and sell them online to impress Girl, followed by hijinks. Space hijinks, the best kind. Good luck to Mezrich, who's looking to continue his streak of selling his book's movie rights before most people have even read them.

"Sex On The Moon" will be released July 12th. Gluck's new comedy, Friends With Benefits with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, gets into bed with theaters July 22nd. (LA Times)