This hour in wildly unnecessary remake news: Soapdish is getting the treatment, courtesy of the folks at Paramount. For those of you who aren't my aunt, Soapdish was a 1991 movie that pulled the current back to reveal the inner workings, problems, and rivalries at a fictitious soap opera set. Sort of like "The Larry Sanders Show," but more awful and with a lot more Whoopi Goldberg. Which I guess is pretty redundant. The original also starred Robert Downey Jr., Sally Field, and Kevin Kline.

The lone bright spot in this dark, bleak piece of news is the screenwriter in charge of the reboot, Ben Schwartz. He's an established comedy writer that tends to run to the absurd, as his work on"Robot Chicken" would demonstrate. He also pops up as the insufferable Jean-Ralphio on "Parks and Recreation."

This remake seems like a cheap excuse to get a big ensemble together and have them lampoon themselves, but if the casting goes a little more offbeat and inspired, there's a chance that this one won't piss us off. A chance. (Coming Soon)