Hollywood's most Goth actor, Bradley Cooper, has decided he will not play the role he was born for. The Hangover star has walked from The Crow due to schedule conflicts -- he has David O. Russell's Silver Linings Playbook this fall and Paradise Lost after that. Relativity is eager to get this Crow thing shooting with director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo so they have chosen to recast.

But what other actor in Hollywood could be so totally wrong for the role?

Mark Wahlberg's name has come up again. He was originally offered the film but a deal was never put into place. However, if he still has access to the wig he wore in Rock Star, this could be the right fit. Another name being floated out there is Channing Tatum, who could also work in a that-totally-doesn't-work kind of way. All I know is that the filmmakers only have a handful of chances to screw up this reboot, and casting is the best place to start. That's why they should take a chance and look into David Hyde Pierce's availability. (THR)