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Snuggie, everyone’s favorite backward bathrobe is at it again. Not only did they invade our summer movies but now they’ve literally gone to the dogs. They’ve got some geniuses working over in the Snuggie camp. The pet accessories industry already rakes in 97 kajillion dollars per year. And now a sweet slice of that pie is going to Snuggie. I’m definitely going to invest. Ticker symbol: SNUG.

Snuggie for Dogs – As Seen on TV Network – Watch more Funny Videos

Warm your pups with these morning links…

MTV 2009 VMA Best Breakthrough Videos. (The Playlist)
Zombieland red band trailer. (Latino Review)
Bill and Sookie are engaged. (NY Mag)
James McTeigue might know something about a Superman reboot. (/Film)
Ben and Ben no longer At The Movies. (Cinematical)


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