[post-album postid="209989" item="1"]First Snow White and the Huntsman couldn't get their hands on a huntsman. Now, they're looking for a new script.

In its heated rivalry with Relativity to get its Snow White project out first, Universal has hired Hossein Amini to rewrite the Snow White and the Huntsman script. Amini, best known for writing Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive and Keanu Reeves' samurai actioner 47 Ronin, will add more exciting sword fights to the most recent draft by Evan Spiliotopoulos. Dude fighting on tree branches and swinging from long, ornate curtains, I assume.

These fights should mirror the back and forth between Universal and Relativity who are frantically trying to one-up one another in an effort to get their film in theaters first, and poison the public's perception of big budget Snow White films like so many apples. (Deadline)