‘Smurfs 2′ Has Made $150 Million In Tie-Ins And Licensing

Thursday, June 13 by
Once they get to the fourth one, this guy's gonna be out of fuckin' fingers.  

McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, and the perrenial corporate juggernaut that is Build-A-Bear have all bet big on this summer’s upcoming Smurfs sequel. Which is funny, because this is one of those incidental throwaway films that most people would have no idea how many installments in the franchise have been released. It’s a phenomenon known as “Chipmunking.”

Anyway, the last dumb movie (the original, btw) made $563 million worldwide, so you best believe that a sequel would be in the works.

Now let’s think of the funniest companies that could leverage the Smurfs for promotional purposes:

  • Smith and Wesson
  • Wesson Canola Oil
  • The Baltimore Ravens
  • NewsCorp
  • Prada
  • Hummer
  • Ebony Magazine
  • The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
  • Yoshinoya Beef Bowl
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