More non-American people are joining Peter Jackson's The Hobbit, taking jobs away from Americans who do terrible English accents. However, the latest non-American to join The Hobbit is that awesome, super-genius British actor/comedian Stephen Fry, who'll play Mycroft in Sherlock Holmes 2. He's hilarious, so I'll give Fry a pass. This time.

Fry will pla The Master of Laketown, also known as "The Master" and "Master Blaster." He's the smart, greedy mayor of a town Bilbo and company hang out in. Other roles have been cast, too. The Master's conniving servant Alfrid will be played by Ryan Gage, and Conan Stevens will play the orc Azog. "Isn't that cool? Azog is played by Conan," Jackson wrote on Facebook, enthusiastically. Uh, is "cool" the right word?