It's no surprise that fans are furiously coming through last night's Super Bowl ad for Super 8 in search of "Easter eggs." After all, die-hard devotees of J.J. Abrams have come to expect all sorts of coded messages and double meanings within his work. After combing through the trailer myself, and searching several message boards, I've come up with the following eight pictures that may contain hidden clues about the Steven Spielberg produced film.

Mysterious Date

Our first image is a mysterious date found within a flash just before the trailer's title screen. Commenters on a related message board (i.e. hardcore nerds) did some research and discovered that a UFO was spotted on the same date near Tampa, FL. According to the USAF's Project Blue Book, "Three star-like objects approached horizontally, hovered. 'Impression was that objects were under intelligent control at all times.'" The info comes from a highly reputable website. By that, I mean it was probably put up by some dude living in his mom's basement.

The Bulletin Board

Next up is this shot of a bulletin board. According to said commenters, the board has a surprising amount of posts looking for lost dogs, almost as if something in the town is stealing them. Could an alien be feeding on poor Fido?


This still clearly shows a zombie lurking in the left of the frame. The easy explanation is that the kids in the movie are filming their own zombie film. Abrams has indicated that is the case. Obviously, this is smoke screen, and zombies will feature prominently in the film. I'd bet my wife's life on it.

Car Lot Numbers

Could this seemingly random string of numbers indicate a pattern of some sort similar to the numbers in lost? Probably not, but at least the years on the car give us a better idea of when the film is taking place.


Obviously the R.C. in this sign stands for something beyond "remote control." Could it be a reference to Ray Charles, who costarred with Spielberg in The Blues Brothers? Clearly, that's the most logical explanation, but it could also stand for "read Communion," the famous alie abduction novel.

No, YOU'RE stretching!

Nice Hat

Is that Indiana Jones' fedora making an appearance? Also, the blue beret is a bit of a mystery, since they were not worn by the U.S. Military. They were, however, worn by Soviet Airborne troops. I smell a rat...a big commie rat.

Jaw Dropper

According to online fan boys, this is a shot of an alien jaw pulled from the trailer. I don't see it, but I'll take their word for it.

John Locke the Jeweler?

The sign above the soldier clearly says "Locke Jeweler." Could this be a reference to John Locke, a character from Abrams' hit show, "Lost." Sure, why not. It could also just be a sign.

Find anymore clues? Let us know in the comments section and we'll get our best men on it.

Special Thanks to /Film and the hard working folks at this message board.