SJ Detectives: A Visual Comparison Of ‘The Hangover’ 1 & 2

Friday, April 1 by

Yesterday, the trailer for The Hangover Part II hit the interwebs, and at first glance, the movie looks a lot like the original. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not saying that’s a bad thing. Even if Todd Philips made a scene-for-scene remake, I’d still pay money to see it. But even so, I couldn’t help but notice the glaring similarities. Of course, when you bring back the entire cast of a film, there’s bound to be some overlap, but this goes well beyond that. For example…

Big Wedding – Big Wedding

Both films revolve around a wedding. Not a big deal. In a group of friends, you’re going to have multiple weddings.

Alan Gives a Wacky Toast – Alan Gives a Wacky Toast

OK, I get Alan giving a toast to his friends at a bachelor party, but who the hell would let him speak at the rehearsal dinner? That’s poor planning on Stu’s part.

Missing Guy No One Cares About – Missing Guy No One Cares About

Just like the first film, a character no one cares about goes missing. They might as well have named both of these guys “Mr. MacGuffin.” Honestly, if the groom had died in the first film, it still would have been a hilarious movie.

Stu’s Missing Tooth – Stu’s Facial Tattoo

Poor Stu. First he pulls out his own tooth. Now he’s done gone and got himself a face tattoo!

Tag-Along Baby – Tag-Along Monkey

In the first film, it was funny to see a group of hungover bastards taking care of a baby. In this film, the same can be said for the monkey. As a bonus, there’s always a chance of a monkey attack, which is nice.

Clues In Pockets – Clues In Pockets

In both films, the men must search for clues in their pockets in order to piece together the previous evening. And in both films, wackiness ensues.

Trip to a Chapel – Trip to a Monastery

Church, monastery, whatever. Six of one, a half dozen of the other. After all, Christ is Christ. Am I right?

Baby Jerking It – Monkey Sucking It

In the first film, a baby jerks off. In the second, a monkey sucks off. Sorry the baby picture is of such a low quality, but I didn’t want to run too many searches with the keywords “baby” and “jerkoff.”

Convicted Rapist – Accused Rapist

Mike Tyson was the big surprise cameo in the first film. And while Phillips has denied that Bill Clinton will be appearing in part two, I still think there’s a 50/50 chance.


  1. April 1, 2011 2:10 pm


    Lol, very entertaining article

  2. April 1, 2011 2:10 pm


    I laugh a lot with the last topic. :)

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