Daybreakers is available on Blu Ray and DVD tomorrow, and Screen Junkies is giving away 5 copies! In the film, Ethan Hawke plays a vampire scientist working on a substitute for human blood before the last drop is drained from the remaining humans. Sam Neill has glowing amber eyes and Willem Dafoe wields a crossbow. What more do you want?!

All you have to do is post on the SJ Facebook fan page the funniest caption you can muster to accompany the still frame above.

If you're not already awesome and a fan of Screen Junkies on Facebook then become one, post a caption, and you'll be entered to win. Click HERE to be whisked away to our Facebook page.

Contest ends Wednesday at midnight and the winner will be announced via Facebook, Twitter and on the site.

You can enter as many times as you like. Captions smeared in blood won't be accepted. Use your keyboards, people.