Sigourney Weaver Offers to Write the ‘Alien’ Prequel

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We know Ripley can’t be in the Alien prequel Ridley Scott is directing, but there may be a way for Sigourney Weaver to lend a hand. While promoting the Blu Ray release of the Alien saga and Avatar, Weaver gave her opinions on the Alien prequel.

“Certainly not as an actor but if they needed help with the story, I could probably help them,” Weaver said. “I have a good sense of what people appreciate in the series and what they don’t care about. So I hope they’ll ask me.”

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If we have anything to do with it, and we don’t, we’d suggest Scott ask her. I mean, this is the story of what leads up to Ripley’s four adventures. As for the casting rumors –  Carey Mulligan, Natalie Portman, Noomi Rapace – Weaver’s confident there’s no replacing Ripley.

“I think it’s a tricky thing because you want to get a good young actress in there but she should be very different from Ripley. But I would trust Ridley. I mean, he found me. I think that it’s an important decision. As with all of these Alien films it’s an ensemble film, so it’s very important who you pick for all the parts I think.”

The other scandal in Alien-land is that it seems Fox wants to make a PG-13 movie. That might sound like a terrible idea for a story about monsters that burst from people’s chests and spray them with acid, but Weaver has a way of calming us down.

“I think unfortunately, because movies have changed so much and gotten so much gorier, that nowadays probably Alien would be PG-13 because there wasn’t much blood in it. Except for the swearing, I don’t know. It’s tricky. That’s a good question.”

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