Every time the Alien series comes out again on DVD, or now Blu Ray, we always focus on Alien and Aliens. We kind of know everything there is to know about the classics. Wouldn’t it be interesting to really find out what went wrong with Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection?

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Now that the Blu Ray set is coming out, Sigourney Weaver is talking about Alien 3 specifically. “Every day we’d shoot all day and then at midnight David [Fincher] would have to get on the phone and defend shooting the next day’s work,” she said. “You shouldn’t hire someone like Fincher unless you’re going to let them go. So I think it was very difficult for him, really difficult for everybody. Yet I think the film is really good what he did. It was a very specific vision that Fox wanted him to do. It was not his take on it which I think made it more complicated for him, but it made a difficult film that much more difficult certainly. Certainly whatever issues were there were complicated by the distance and the time change. It was hard to have a coherent conversation in those circumstances. I thought Fincher was amazing. I think that with Social Network, everybody now is going to be able to recognize Fincher for being one of the great directors of our day. Certainly that was true after Fight Club, etc.”

If Alien 3 had problems, people hate on Alien Resurrection a lot more. Maybe it’s worth a second look. “I really enjoyed a lot of Alien Resurrection. I thought that the scientists were really wonderful and the company was more detestable than ever. As we become more and more of a corporate planet, I think that the lessons from Alien have not really been paid attention to. I think it got harder for Jean-Pierre [Jeunet]. The story is much more about the science and about the corporations. I think it’s difficult for us to watch the fourth one because it seems like yesterday or tomorrow. It’s not happening far away. It seems like something we read about in the papers, cloning or BP and all this stuff. So I think it makes people more uncomfortable but I think they all really stand up. I’ve heard people arguing over their favorites and three and four have a lot of fans.”

Now that Ridley Scott is making his Alien prequel, he’s revealed that he was never asked to do a sequel. He kind of seems bitter about it, but Weaver assured he never got screwed out of anything.

“Well, you know, what happened was they never set out to make a sequel. Jim Cameron wrote Aliens on spec. He was being interviewed by our producers for something else and he said, ‘I’ve written this script of Aliens. Would you read it?” They hadn’t even thought about doing it. So it was his baby from the beginning and he did such an amazing job. It would have been fun to go back to Ridley to do another one but in those days, you didn’t do sequels. He was busy doing whatever he was doing.”

The Alien Anthology, with behind the scenes features, interviews and screen tests, comes out October 26.