As believable as that headline sounds, she'll only be doing so fictitiously. Miller has signed on to work with Algerian director Rachid Bouchareb in Just Like A Woman.

In the film, Sienna Miller plays a Chicago housewife who runs off to Vegas with her belly-dance instructor to compete in a competition. Though I'm certain that producers could save a ton of money simply by enrolling Miller in belly-dance classes. Then rent some cameras and head to Vegas. Promise you that she and the instructor will show up within a week.

Miller's excited to be working with Bouchareb (whose Oscar nominated Above The Law whiffed out to Denmark this past Sunday). “Rachid is one of the most exciting directors working today,” she says. “He’s one of those people who understand the medium of film in a way that’s not manipulative but that’s honest and raw. As a director he’s capable of anything. The kinds of films he makes are the ones I like to watch.”

He's slated to also shoot Belleville's Cop with Queen Latifah. Hmmm, never would have pegged Sienna as a fan of Taxi. (Deadline)