Sorry, ensemble superhero films. You're just no match for proven family franchises. Little kids will watch anything they're supposed to, and watch it A LOT. And the studio behind Shrek knows this.

So, it should comes as no surprise that after three sequels of diminishing quality, the last in 2010, Shrek will be making a return to save DreamWorks corporate earnings from the wrath of evil king originality. DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg reported to Fox Business (our favorite cinematic journalism outlet), "I think you can be confident that we’ll have another chapter in the Shrek series. We're not finished, and more importantly, neither is he."

"SHREK IS NOT FINISHED," the headline should have read.

After winning the inaugural Oscar for best animated feature in 2001, the Shrek series got a little too comfortable for its own good taking its meta approach to fairy tales a little too far for the sake of gross-out humor and the familiar.

But it's not like that's ever stopped anyone from making a sequel.