Ever since Dexter left, America has been stumbling around with a confused look on its face, mumbling, "Where are my serial killer shows?" Or at least that's what it's like in my neighborhood.

Even if America is clamoring for a new serial killer show, Showtime is awfully brazen in thinking they're the one to give it to us. The series finale of Dexter left most viewers wondering, "Zuh?" with select viewers responding with "WhattaWHAT?" and almost all clenching their teeth and muttering, "Argh."

However, Control Alt Delete should have far different expectations, as it follows four slackers who work in an office as they drudge through the rat race, but all the while have to avoid being taken down by the office serial killer. It's a pretty ambitious premise, but it sounds like it could be pretty funny, provided you get the Workaholics guys to step in.