Will Ferrell and Adam McKay have history of...doing most anything they please. After the success of website Funny or Die and a dozen or so film successes between the director/producer and actor/producer they've got their own production house, and they're not afraid to use it.

In this instance, the duo are going after Manimal. If you haven't heard of Manimal, that's ok. It would be weird if you had. Manimal was a TV show aired in 1983 for 8 episodes about a doctor who fought crime and could turn into animals. That's it.

And now Will Ferrell and Adam McKay wanna turn it into a film. Right now, they're only attached to produce the film, but, as with every project from these two, there's always hope that they'll step in as actor and director. I mean, GIVE MANIMAL THE RESPECT IT EARNED!