After firing his first few shots in the war against gun violence, some people, including Piers Morgan thought the hardline stance is a bit hypocritical considering Weinstein's history of making violent movies.

More specifically, he said he would keep violence in films where it's crucial to the story, but would put an end to putting gore front and center “just for the sake of blowing up people.”

Yay? Boo? I hate it when unlikable people do vaguely noble things. STOP MUDDYING THE WATERS, HARVEY!!!

Of course, Weinstein has a roster of filmmakers in his circle that depend on violence for violence's sake. Tarantino...Rodriguez...ok. Just those two off the top of my head. Nonetheless, with Weinstein volunteering “The change starts here,” we will see if he can stick to his guns.

Shit. "Convictions." Stick to his convictions. No more guns.